Boom Conveyor Drive Upgrade

Ascribe Engineering personnel have unsurpassed experience in bulk materials handling including machines such as shiploaders, stackers, reclaimers and stacker reclaimers as well as other yard machinery.

As part of this service, Ascribe Engineering undertook a review of an existing boom conveyor drive on a large reclaimer. The conveyor in question was exhibiting belt under-speed whilst reclaiming in the lower bench.

  • Date: 2019
  • Client: Undisclosed
  • Project Type: Bulk material handling

About this Project

Ascribe Engineering has in depth knowledge and experience concerning bulk handling machinery. This project involved a reclaimer in which the boom conveyor was exhibiting a belt under-speed event when the machine reclaimed in the lowest bench.

The original machine design philosophy was in accordance with the international standard ISO5049. The current boom conveyor was rated for a maximum capacity of just over 4000 tph and was driven by a 250 kW motor.

Predominately hand calculations, in accordance with ISO5048, were undertaken on the boom conveyor. A required drive power
of 275 kW was calculated for the boom conveyor when operating at a maximum upgrade throughput after accounting for all of the conveying resistances. This was somewhat higher demand than the motor currently installed.

Associated belt tensions and take-up tensions were calculated for confirmation by site personnel. In addition, the requirements for a short term upgrade to a larger drive motor currently at hand were investigated.


Services included:

  • ISO5049 hand calculations
  • Redesign of motor drive base for short term operation.
  • Mechanical and structural checks on the motor, gearbox, couplings, brake, drive pulley and belt




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