Expert Advice & Investigations

Ascribe Engineering provides failure investigation services, including expert witness, insurance loss adjustment, accident investigation and root cause analysis.

Expert Advice & Investigations

Expert independent advice for legal, insurance and industrial sectors such as expert witness, insurance loss adjustment, root cause failure assessments.

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When undesirable incidents take place leading to loss of lives, injuries to personnel, near-misses, environmental impact, loss of production or additional rectification costs, having an independent expert working on your team will ensure that the root cause and all contributory factors are successfully identified.

Ascribe Engineering provides expert, independent and professional engineering advice on mechanical and structural matters, including   gearboxes, bearings, shafts, motors, castings, forgings and fabrications.

Failure Investigation

Failure investigation services include:

  • Cause & effect analyses
  • Failure modes and scenario assessments
  • Development of inspection strategies
  • Development of inspection response strategies
  • Failure of mechanical plant, equipment and structures
  • Water and fire damage to plant and equipment
  • Failures of drives such as gearbox failures and motor burnouts
  • Premature failures due to overloads and fatigue
  • Engineering expert advice to legal fraternity
  • Accident investigations
  • Assessment of Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental incidents
  • Independent audits, reviews and mediation

As part of our failure investigation services, Ascribe Engineering provides insurance loss adjustment services.

In many cases, we will visit a customer’s site, liaise with the relevant parties and provide an expert, data based report for use by insurers and insurance loss adjusters.



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Our Tools

Ascribe Engineering undertake failure investigations using a combination of engineering tools including:

  • Advance analysis techniques such as finite element analysis
  • Test and measurement services such as strain gauging
Ascribe Engineering have proficiency as technical content experts within ICAM and/or TapRooT failure investigation frameworks.

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Expert Witness

Ascribe Engineering provides independent expert witness services to the Court and may act as a mediator in various instances.

Our clients include legal firms, insurance loss adjusters and asset owners of ports, mines and industrial facilities. We have been involved in cases where fatalities have occurred and major equipment damage has resulted. Our expert witness engineers typically will visit the site, review the evidence and prepare an independent report for the Court.

All Ascribe Engineering personnel are RPEQ qualified and have provided expert witness services.


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