Roller Circle Inspection

Ascribe Engineering personnel has unsurpassed experience in assessing slew bearings and the surrounding structures of draglines, shovels, stackers and reclaimers.

As part of this service, Ascribe Engineering undertook an inspection of the roller circle on a dragline. The inspection identified areas of spalling and damage to the roller circle rails.

  • Date: 2019
  • Client: Undisclosed
  • Project Type: Draglines

About this Project

Ascribe Engineering has specialist engineering knowledge on the inspection and management of dragline roller circles.

The rails and rollers on dragline roller circles see high loads and over time, microscopic cracks under the rail surface propagate with each loading cycle. These cracks grow large enough and lead to pieces of the rail surface breaking off (spalling).

Ascribe Engineering has a purpose built detector that can be installed within the roller circle. The detector can scan the rails and identify areas of spalling and other damage to the rails.

This information along with decades of experience of Ascribe Engineering personnel with roller circles can assist asset owners in preparing for refurbishments, rail replacement and end of life planning.


Services included:

  • Visual inspection of the roller circle and cage
  • Inspection using bespoke detector for areas of spalling
  • Advice as to likely replacement strategy
  • Advice on degree of roller circle risk based on condition
  • Advice on rail, rack and roller procurement.





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